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Entering a Newborn into the Study

Each hospital participating in the study will have newborn packs. These are intended to be kept in a clinical area where they can be readily found. If you cannot find a pack please ask your local lead clinician or contact us. Most of the paperwork may also be directly downloaded from this website if needed.

Each newborn pack contains:
  • Alert card
  • Information leaflets (1 for the family; 1 for health professionals)
  • Consent form
  • Referring hospital form
  • Prepaid envelope for returning consent form and referring hospital form to CDSS
  • Form for collecting full blood count sample
  • Pink EDTA tube for collection of full blood count sample
  • Patient identifier label for the blood sample tube
  • Prepaid, padded envelope for sending blood sample to York Hospital

The alert card

As soon as you are aware of a potential study entrant, please complete and return the prepaid alert card.

The consent form

After discussing the study with the family and providing them with an information leaflet, we would be very grateful if you could ask the mother to sign the enclosed consent form and then return the white copy to us in the prepaid envelope provided.

The referring hospital form

Please complete the referring hospital form and return with the white copy of the consent form in the prepaid envelope provided.

Obtaining a blood sample

If a blood sample has already been taken, and is still available in your hospital laboratory, please retrieve it and send it to York Hospital in the prepaid padded envelope provided. If a blood count sample is not available, please take one using the tube provided (assuming the family consents) and send it to York Hospital with the form in the padded envelope.

If you would like more information about the study please contact us.